Our People

Reach your ‘Extraordinary’

In this fast-moving world, every organisation, however successful, wants to stay ahead of the game.

Thinktastic was created to do just that and our team is perfectly equipped to provide a turbo-boost to your people, culture, brand and story.


Why Thinktastic?

Each Thinktastic person is a successful entrepreneur in their own right and each has made a splash in their uniquely specialist field.

Each has got to where they are through an unconventional route and their richly individual experiences bring unique understanding of the ups and downs of life and business. Most importantly, they see no challenge you set as insurmountable and bring positive and fast solutions.

And, they create a frisson of excitement around all they do.

In short, Thinktastic has the knowledge, tools, creativity and confidence to help you make a difference to your organisation quickly.

Be Thinktastic.



Mike Stevenson

Founder, International Speaker, Trainer and Creative

Gill Carrie

The BigThink Team: Presenter, Educator and Mentor
Paula Allen

Paula Allen

Head of Creative