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I wanna tell you a story

My Great Uncle Alex used to sit in his rocking chair in the porch of the house. He would tell stories of his time when he was a rancher in Chile, painting a picture that made me decide I wanted…

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“Not yet” beats “never”

Today is where today should stay When I speak to people who believe their destiny is carved in stone I tell them countless stories of individuals whose lives spiral out of control, yet find ways out of the abyss and…

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Let me be part of the big stuff I have made so many mistakes in leadership that I have lost count. In the main, I have recognised them, owned up to them and learned from most of them. Mistakes are…

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Bugger Retirement – my work has just begun I don’t creak, moan or groan, I still plan to wed and have no wish to retire. I feel more enthusiastic and energised about the future than I did at 21. Anti-intuitive?…

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Rediscover The Pleasure Of Business Simplicity

“The wise understand the complexity, but only the wisest find the simplicity” – a Buddhist saying that always resonates with me. How about this? ‘A PC on every desk and in every home.’ Microsoft’s founding vision. Audacious? Yes, but who’s…

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Step up to the Challenge

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Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers

When I worked as community worker in Edinburgh that statement from Voltaire really hit home for me. I learned that those who experience at first hand really do know best – even though their expression may be unsophisticated and sometimes…

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Making things is in our DNA

“My jeans were splashed with dried plaster and cement but I walked with pride and with my head held high – young men like nothing better than physical work and to see the product of their labour. This was back…

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Progress is against the grain

It is disruptive people that have always and will always challenge and change the world. New ideas come from those who have learned never to accept that what is, should be. How often have you asked yourself: Why don’t they…?…

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You have talent

I see talent screaming at me every day. I meet extraordinary people every day. I see the makers, creators and leaders of the future every day. The trouble is they don’t yet know it. They believe they are not worthy…