It's 2016
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It’s 2016 – Shake Yourself And Get Excited

As we wipe the tiredness from our eyes how easy it becomes to avoid that New Year opportunity to really think afresh about how we approach our life and work. Emails draw us back to discussions we had last year,…

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The ‘Ys’ Have It

One student at an event at Stirling University I spoke at last week mentioned that his generation has been described as the lazy generation. I quickly rejected this description as both ‘lazy’ and wildly inaccurate. I have had the privilege…

2030 Vision
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Enter a different world It is predicted that in just 15 years we will see 80% of doctor visits replaced by automated exams, over 90% of all restaurants using some form of a 3D food printer in their meal preparations,…

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Let’s Turn Intent Into Action

If policy and good intent were enough our streets will soon be paved with gold, but there are real impediments to progress that we have to sweep aside now. While I find great richness of talent and ideas in schools,…

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Let me be part of the big stuff I have made so many mistakes in leadership that I have lost count. In the main, I have recognised them, owned up to them and learned from most of them. Mistakes are…

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Bugger Retirement – my work has just begun I don’t creak, moan or groan, I still plan to wed and have no wish to retire. I feel more enthusiastic and energised about the future than I did at 21. Anti-intuitive?…

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Making things is in our DNA

“My jeans were splashed with dried plaster and cement but I walked with pride and with my head held high – young men like nothing better than physical work and to see the product of their labour. This was back…

think new year
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Scotland will shine in 2014

With the world’s eyes on Scotland in 2014 every organisation large and small, public and private has chance to sparkle. We must make the most of this opportunity. The Commonwealth Games, the Ryder Cup, the Scottish Homecoming 2014 and of…

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End the year on a high note

With Thinktastic’s not so ‘Secret Seven’ If you are a leader and you want your organisation to shine in 2014 here’s my Thinktastic promise to you in a nutshell. Bring me in to help you push on and you will…

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Let’s dare to lead the world

Can Scottish business take a daring lead in helping to create a more sustainable, more ethical society before it becomes an imperative? Speaking briefly on Monday at the Unreasonable Learners launch of Richard Branson’s Plan B for business I was…