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Enter a different world

It is predicted that in just 15 years we will see 80% of doctor visits replaced by automated exams, over 90% of all restaurants using some form of a 3D food printer in their meal preparations, a growing number of roads designated as driverless-vehicle only, the world’s largest Internet company as an education business (as yet unfounded) and 20% of all new buildings 3D “printed.”

Two billion existing jobs are set to go – replaced by new occupational opportunities. What is abundantly clear is that we will have to replace our Industrial Revolution model of job training, departmental structures and managerial hierarchies – those simply won’t exist as they do today.

Create business for good

Our approach to business start-ups will also have to change as businesses are increasingly judged not just by price, position and product, but by the impact they make on the wellbeing of the community around them. Greed and acquisition will no longer be noble pursuits and societies will be unforgiving in the face of irresponsible business behaviour.

Technology will become more accessible and intuitive to use and the seemingly relentless move towards non-human contact will be reversed. In fact, Internet shopping giant Zappos already prominently displays its phone number on its website and imposes no restriction on the length of customer conversations its staff are allowed. They have learned that technology and humanity must become happy bedfellows.

Return to humanity

What we will need above all in our skills locker is the ability to think creatively and the gift of good communication. No matter what our sphere of activity we need to adapt to this brave new world – the alternative is a painful retreat. Thinktastic was formed with a clear vision of this rapidly changing world and when our clients get a chance to look ahead and plan they get excited and see new opportunities. Vision and imagination is key but so is the confidence to apply creative thinking, express radical ideas and make things happen.

For each person that resembles a rabbit in the headlights when we talk of change, there are many more who want to get ahead of the game. It is they who talk excitedly about what they need to do to prepare and adapt. Artificial intelligence may be set to replace roles that require high-level cognitive skills but creativity and great communication are essential human skills – we need to hone these in every industry and every sector and, our schools, colleges and universities must pay heed.

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