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We are in the midst of a period of change to dwarf the Industrial Revolution in its scale and pace. Nothing is now sacred. Jobs are disappearing or changing. All that is constant is people. Looking ahead, organisations will be judged less by their technology and offer and more by their people. What personality do they convey? How do they make people feel? Are they leaders who can make things happen for you or simply jobsworths? Shops are closing every day. But new shops are also opening. Companies that are helpful, innovative, customer centric and provide brilliant experiences for their staff and customers will build loyal relationships and excel. Apple is one of the world’s digital leaders yet, you can request a call back in two minutes no matter where you are in the World. South West Airlines doesn’t just fly people from A to B – they create memorable experiences. They want to be the ‘most loved’ airline.

Brands are going – enter the era of the Love Mark. It’s all about culture.

I bring a fairly unique set of skills and experiences to the market. I know what it’s like to be spat on as a homeless person. I learned how to make feel 10 feet tall as a direct consequence of that experience. I have led branding projects for large corporates, SMEs and Public Services and I have worked as a motivator with some of the largest organisations from British Gas to the NHS.

Thinktastic has developed a powerful programme to help companies design their own perfect culture, embed it and then live it. It comes from the people that work there. It asks questions they have never been asked before. It challenges them to view everything they do and say in human terms. It challenges them to look from the outside in and to spell out how they want their customers and colleagues to feel at all times. Culture above all else, will be what distinguishes the great from the good and the extraordinary from the great. These are large scale workshops – they look into the future and develop a series of values, attitudes, behaviours that will form an exciting new approach to their work. They will design measures of success they have never ever considered before.Depositphotos_92088456_l-2015

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