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BOLDNESS in time of turmoil

In 1968, I was down-and-out in London, when a chance meeting with two Irishmen changed the course of my life – taking me to Dublin and a fresh career as a busker on the City’s Grafton Street. Here, my confidence…

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How to be a Thinktastically brilliant presenter (part two)

The second in a series of edited tips from one of our most celebrated and influential speakers When we present our intention is rarely just to inform. We want to engage, entertain, captivate, inform and ultimately persuade. The most memorable…

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We are in the midst of a period of change to dwarf the Industrial Revolution in its scale and pace. Nothing is now sacred. Jobs are disappearing or changing. All that is constant is people. Looking ahead, organisations will be…

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When I speak to people who believe their destiny is carved in stone I tell them countless stories of individuals whose lives spiral out of control, yet find ways out of the abyss and go on to thrive. There are…

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When I stand before a group of young people, I leave my judgements at the door. I know that all that matters over the next hour, or half day or day is what is in the minds of those young…

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Turn that disadvantage into an advantage

“Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced; even a proverb is no proverb to you till your life has illustrated it.” John Keats With every breath I have left, my mission is to give confidence and purpose to anyone…

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The first in a series of edited tips from one of our most celebrated and influential speakers. Let’s be honest here. When we present to an audience we usually do it to influence them. Whether that audience is large or…

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How to make partnerships sparkle

  Partnerships are as old as humanity. At their best they produce a value far greater than the sum of parts. 1 + 1 = 3. How many great families are born out of great partnerships? But, in the world…

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The ‘Ys’ Have It

One student at an event at Stirling University I spoke at last week mentioned that his generation has been described as the lazy generation. I quickly rejected this description as both ‘lazy’ and wildly inaccurate. I have had the privilege…

'Migrant' blog
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‘Migrants’ Bleed Like You – So Think Before You Speak

Mixed race and proud I have always regarded my Scottish, Irish and Lebanese blood as an intoxicating and exotic mix. It manifests itself in my physical appearance but has also broadened my view of the world. During the 1950s I…