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The POWER of the STORY

e I thought I would use this period to record some short stories I use to illustrate key themes in my stage talks. This one tells of a moment of utter inspiration when I was in South Beirut in 2006…

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BOLDNESS in time of turmoil

In 1968, I was down-and-out in London, when a chance meeting with two Irishmen changed the course of my life – taking me to Dublin and a fresh career as a busker on the City’s Grafton Street. Here, my confidence…

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The ‘Ys’ Have It

One student at an event at Stirling University I spoke at last week mentioned that his generation has been described as the lazy generation. I quickly rejected this description as both ‘lazy’ and wildly inaccurate. I have had the privilege…

2030 Vision
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Enter a different world It is predicted that in just 15 years we will see 80% of doctor visits replaced by automated exams, over 90% of all restaurants using some form of a 3D food printer in their meal preparations,…

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Let me be part of the big stuff I have made so many mistakes in leadership that I have lost count. In the main, I have recognised them, owned up to them and learned from most of them. Mistakes are…

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Bugger Retirement – my work has just begun I don’t creak, moan or groan, I still plan to wed and have no wish to retire. I feel more enthusiastic and energised about the future than I did at 21. Anti-intuitive?…

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Rediscover The Pleasure Of Business Simplicity

“The wise understand the complexity, but only the wisest find the simplicity” – a Buddhist saying that always resonates with me. How about this? ‘A PC on every desk and in every home.’ Microsoft’s founding vision. Audacious? Yes, but who’s…

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Step up to the Challenge

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My six top tips on how to present with power and influence

1. BE CLEAR ON VISION A compelling vision excites people and is more likely to get them on side. See that vision in your mind’s eye, touch it, taste it and smell it. Describe it simply and evocatively. Words like…

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Learn the new must have skill

A unique chance to learn to use the power of influence from a celebrated expert. The power to inspire others is today’s must have skill. That’s why I want to equip more of us with the tools and techniques I…