What Our Clients Say

“Mike Stevenson is a phenomenal speaker, for me it was a moment in time I would liken to the “I have a dream” speech, powerful and inspiring.”
Aviva Insurance

“Mike is the most impressive public speaker I have seen. When I worked with him on PR ventures, he would go from the Today programme to a freezing cold Winter Garden gig in Sheffield (where he held the audience spellbound) without missing a beat – compelling, original and professional in every environment.”
Amy Needham, Project Communications Manager,
Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult

“Mike Stevenson was truly inspirational. He reminded us that it is within our gift to enhance our own lives and the lives of the people around us. That there is learning to had everywhere and that we all have unique experiences and knowledge to bring to the table. The best is yet to come.”
Liz Edwards,
Astrazeneca, Liverpool

“Excellent presentation. The feedback from staff has been fantastic and you were a huge hit with the crowd.”
Darren McKinney, Chief Executive,
Habinteg Housing Association, Holywood, Northern Ireland

 “Inspirational and full of humour …. The key messages around ambition, taking ownership, motivation and being wary of complexity sellers were well aligned to our priorities, and guided our conversation in the sessions after our dinner. The audience felt more moved by your words than previous speakers because your background and challenges were much more relatable… we really enjoyed it.”
Matt Hopkinson, Executive Vice President, Energy,
Element Materials Technology

“Mike’s speech was entertaining, full of energy, engaging, inspirational and thought-provoking. His powerful message was delivered with superb humour but sprinkled with science and insight. Businesspeople in Lochaber will be talking about his message for years to come.”
Frazer Coupland, Chief Executive,
Lochaber Chamber of Commerce

“A huge thanks to Mike Stevenson for delivering an inspiring and passionate speech about his life and our future. Great end to a great day.”
Jonathan Annan MRICS, Director,

Harvey, Donaldson and Gibson

“…those 30 minutes of your speech (one year on) still resonate inside my mind. Everyone I speak to about Thinktastic smiles and wants to shake your hand…I am inspired by you.”
Ermis Geragidis,
Oregon University

“Mike reminded the team and I, that everyone of us really does make a difference and that how we describe and deliver that difference, counts. Instead of teachers and leaders … following Mike’s Disney-like magic…we became the architects and facilitators of our children’s hopes and dreams. That matters.”

Katrina Morley ,CEO,
Tees Valley Education


“Mike and his Thinktastic team have been key supporters in the radical transformation of Blackwood, helping to bring my ambitious vision to life. They’ve created a customer-focused brand that’s widely acclaimed, created a new fresh language and provided ground-breaking customer service training. Thinktastic is visionary with a unique skill set.”

Steve White,CEO,

Blackwood Housing Association.

“Whatever the challenge, Mike and his team understood the brief and delivered – with excellent results.”

Dennis Hopper,Director of Facilities Management,

University of Leeds.

“Mike helped us to get our messages across in ways that reach our audience and say what we really believe. He understood and conveyed our passion for our organisation.”

Helen Forsyth,CEO,

Berwickshire Housing Association.

Mike Stevenson is a speaker with a difference. He can make an impact on attendees at seminars, conferences and other events which I have rarely seen an individual able to do, whether the audience is a specialist one, or a wide-ranging one from a variety of agencies or indeed young persons and children.
In a low-key yet utterly compelling way, Mike is able to engage immediately with the audience and ensure that his thought-provoking messages reach each and every one. His style is both spontaneous and informal but has a cohesion that indicates a well thought through approach.
He leaves the listeners with a great deal to reflect on- always the sign of a speaker who has been able to access his own feelings at a deep level and share his thoughts in an appealing and positive manner.” 

Sandra Brown

Author, Playwright and Campaigner

“We gave Mike the challenge of motivating senior public finance professionals and politicians at our annual conference.  It was a challenge which Mike not only met but exceeded.  His impact was such that we had to ask him to return to address our graduation ceremony.  Mike remains the only speaker to have addressed both of these events and has inspired young graduates as well as senior professionals”

 Don Peebles
Head of CIPFA Scotland

“It takes rare insight, skill and confidence to inspire business leaders to a common vision and cause. That’s why I brought Mike Stevenson’s Thinktastic to London – they, uniquely, have it all and get results.”

Gail Newton,Chief Executive,

Logic Homes, London.

“If you need someone to inspire your audience, look no further. Mike draws on his lived experience with courage and humility and highlights the possibilities for the future with passion and enthusiasm. Effortlessly he refocuses the audience’s view until there are no more barriers, only possibilities. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and driven, he is a natural connector and expert communicator. His  ideas have a clarity of vision and leave a lasting impact. You will forget many conference speakers.  I can assure you that Mike Stevenson will not be among these.” 

Linda Jane McLean
Independent Living Consultant

“I am in awe of anyone who can stand up and deliver a 30 minute speech without any slides or aids and speak as fluently and passionately as you did.”

James Murray, UK Search Advertising Lead,


“Thank you for your contribution to the success of our All Staff Conference. It is very much appreciated. We were ambitious for our conference but the actual event – the positivity, the input, engagement of our staff demonstrated throughout – exceeded our expectations. Already we have had several attendees feedback that your presentation was excellent and inspiring.”

Alex Paterson,CEO,

Highlands and Islands Enterprise

“Mike has such an enthusiastic and creative approach to how we deal with our customers in the housing sector. This made the training session very refreshing and enjoyable for staff and some of Mike’s ideas have really gave staff lots to think about and discuss afterwards.”

Castlehill Housing Association

“This was a deeply inspiring session, and left me with a peculiar motivation to just… ‘go and engage others’…”

St Andrews University Student

“It was such a fantastic day yesterday and there has been so much great feedback from staff that I just wanted to email to thank you so much for all your efforts to make it the success that is was – we’re all energised to put it into practice now!”

Sandra McIntyre, Head of Communication,

Grampian Housing Association

“You went beyond the limits of my expectations and were a huge hit with the audience.”

George Berrich,Chair,

Scottish Business Continuity.

“Your speech was easily the best of the conference – so uplifting.”

Oliver M

Kings College London